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Juventus forever
Juventus forever 19 timmar sedan
Forza juve 🖤👏
Ibrahim Dlta
Ibrahim Dlta 19 timmar sedan
اشتراك 🤲🙏
VEDAT ERTÜRK 19 timmar sedan
Bu penaltı saçmalığı bitsin yaaa Nedir bu böyle bedava goller?...
Pedro Felipe Leles
Pedro Felipe Leles 19 timmar sedan
Mirante > Pau Lopez
Azooz Al-Harbi
Azooz Al-Harbi 19 timmar sedan
Szczęsny is beast 👏🏻 main reason for the 🎉win so underrated
Buyuk Iskender
Buyuk Iskender 19 timmar sedan
There will not be a football player like ibra in 500 years
marcelo mozo
marcelo mozo 20 timmar sedan
CRISTIANO RONALDO !!!! the best player !!!
rockzs74r 20 timmar sedan
Roma make 6 substitution this time
DDisconnected 20 timmar sedan
Small team mentality stuff from mancini and shocking play from pau lopez. These guys need to stay in a room alone with de Rossi.
justcallmeTeZ 20 timmar sedan
Class from Saponara ⭐⭐⭐
Minas Solikhin
Minas Solikhin 20 timmar sedan
Juve babak belur terpongkeng ...juve di cukur dipermak di kebiri inter😀😀😀
Wan Tobek
Wan Tobek 20 timmar sedan
Whats happen to As roma🥱
Jkrass Galactico
Jkrass Galactico 20 timmar sedan
Just roma doing roma things...no surprises here🙄
Massimo Galletti
Massimo Galletti 20 timmar sedan
Ma che schifo di sintesi...tutta pro Atalanta, ci mancava non mettessero nemmeno il gol di Pereyra; possibili rigori, gol annullati niente. A noi i rigori non li danno nemmeno in casa unica squadra del mondo ad essere penalizzata anche in casa !!
Omed Saed
Omed Saed 20 timmar sedan
Hpku Hpkita
Hpku Hpkita 20 timmar sedan
Biskuit Roma dari Mayoral
Ahsan Dipu
Ahsan Dipu 20 timmar sedan
Oh no he didn’t 🤣🤣🤣 Feeling great cuz I am a Lazio fan and Roma is out of tournament 😂😂😂
โทษที เรื่องของกู
😍😍Juventus&Cr7 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jas Karn
Jas Karn 20 timmar sedan
robertorolfo 20 timmar sedan
Even with a gifted, completely invented penalty, Riomma still lost. (And, BTW, Pellegrini should be fined and suspended from the national team for such a disgusting dive).
Ilir Tanku
Ilir Tanku 20 timmar sedan
Spezia penalty was more dive
Yousef Bouchedouka
Yousef Bouchedouka 20 timmar sedan
I ❤️❤️❤️Milan 🇦🇴🇦🇴
Leonardo Moreira
Leonardo Moreira 19 timmar sedan
Wrong page mate. You are in the winning cups section 💀
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi 20 timmar sedan
english commentators a lot of them are too cold like this commentator ,, is that how you react about a goal like that one in that time come ooooon
Cristian García Nieto
Cristian García Nieto 20 timmar sedan
Luis Muriel once again, in front of keeper, shot and inside.
Football Memes
Football Memes 20 timmar sedan
Revenge. That's what took place today.
Dicky Mardian
Dicky Mardian 20 timmar sedan
Bigg smile to juventus cr7🏺🏺🏺🏺
De gatt Karim
De gatt Karim 20 timmar sedan
Mayoral man of the match 🙌🏼
PrimeTV 20 timmar sedan
„mo je faccio er cucchiaio“ cit.
Alessandro Belloni
Alessandro Belloni 20 timmar sedan
Intervista a Toni Cappellari, uno dei dirigenti più vincenti della pallacanestro italiana. selosk.info/class/video/n4By2a962qJntmQ.html
Ludvig Helt
Ludvig Helt 20 timmar sedan
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel 20 timmar sedan
trash ac mian loser
gG Gg
gG Gg 20 timmar sedan
Wow 1 mil views
Leonardo Moreira
Leonardo Moreira 19 timmar sedan
Juventus is huge, bigger fan base than any Italian club. Nothing new.
Ludvig Helt
Ludvig Helt 20 timmar sedan
Did not see that one coming
Victor Herrero
Victor Herrero 20 timmar sedan
Roma worst game of the last 8-10 years...awful display. Mayoral missed two clear chances, the defense was lost, Pau has been as bad as Olsen a complete waste of money. Sad to see Roma lose to a third tier team.
Haroon Arshad
Haroon Arshad 20 timmar sedan
Happy to finally get Juventus to play attacking football. Well done Arthur and Bentancur
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce 20 timmar sedan
Forza juve
Borbow Ahmadey
Borbow Ahmadey 20 timmar sedan
Halu 20 timmar sedan
TikTod BGST 20 timmar sedan
Mayoral mengsterlingkan diri 😂
Eduardo Grasso TV
Eduardo Grasso TV 20 timmar sedan
Peccato non conta niente
Dev Clarke
Dev Clarke 20 timmar sedan
One of my favorite players, been watching him from Hamburg day🔥.
kadrun munafik
kadrun munafik 20 timmar sedan
Roma TAiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii😡😡😡😡😡
Aldi Alvaro Winata
Aldi Alvaro Winata 20 timmar sedan
Wow spezia nice
Leonardo Moreira
Leonardo Moreira 20 timmar sedan
Only ONE GOAT appears when it matters the most! Cmon Juventus! Congrats Morata 💥 Cry more napo and milishit
Alesandro Di Paolo
Alesandro Di Paolo 20 timmar sedan
Muriel è veramente forte
19 98
19 98 20 timmar sedan
AzzurriBlue 20 timmar sedan
Saponara's second goal, impeccable. The keeper wasn't even that far off his line, that is someone who exuberates energy. Incredible.
NepLyrics 20 timmar sedan
3:12:21 ronaldo does smile
arthur schopenauer
arthur schopenauer 20 timmar sedan
Finiamola con questo tira e molla pele ronaldo chi ha segnato fi più di shiama josef bicam 805 goal in 500 partite in gare ufficiali, pelè 765 in 800 e più josef bicam ha segnato 1469 se si conta le gare amichevoli pele 1283 quindi basta con questo pelè che si vanta di essere il più grande bomber non lo è è josef bicam
Maple0992 20 timmar sedan
Even Lampard and his 220million squad can get a cup, congrats to Pirlo for his debut season
SGHD 20 timmar sedan
1:49 how did he miss that?
robertorolfo 20 timmar sedan
Well, you would have missed it, so answer your own question.
Mr MAK 20 timmar sedan
2:23:37 thanks me later..
Ladha Gour
Ladha Gour 20 timmar sedan
Puskas goal award created today. Congratulations in advance saponara
Rob Kjellbe
Rob Kjellbe 20 timmar sedan
Roma mistake Copa Italia for UFC and played the wrong game...
Kien Nguyen
Kien Nguyen 20 timmar sedan
Việt Nam🇻🇳 ❤️❤️❤️ Juventus ❤️❤️❤️ Ronaldo
Ruaa AA
Ruaa AA 20 timmar sedan
• Nothing new to the legend. • He turned the world upside down. • He broke all the numbers. • He is the best. Congratulations to my favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo.
Dima Z
Dima Z 20 timmar sedan
Beautiful, thank you Seria A channel for Live Match
simone grosso
simone grosso 20 timmar sedan
questa telecronaca è veramente elettrizzante
Estevão Marangoni Lopes
Estevão Marangoni Lopes 20 timmar sedan
"estão afastando os romanos de Roma" Essa frase nunca fez tanto sentido! Verde se formou e estreiou na Roma, mas não trilhou seu caminho por lá. Romanista não é apenas o que nasce em Roma, e sim o que honra a camisa!
Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor 20 timmar sedan
David Ezekiel Blessing
David Ezekiel Blessing 20 timmar sedan
Commentator: Oh no he didn’t.... He did
Febri Andrea
Febri Andrea 20 timmar sedan
DAK Farm
DAK Farm 20 timmar sedan
Roma 😆
Alexey Khomik
Alexey Khomik 20 timmar sedan
juve should have played with Inter like today. finally they started to use individual play of their players. heavy high pressing gave the result so wanted.
sadman 20 timmar sedan
3:16 song ?
Steve00 20 timmar sedan
NifeDavid Awosanmi
NifeDavid Awosanmi 20 timmar sedan
Roma's defense won't keep a clean sheet against high school kids.
giuseppe Sostegno
giuseppe Sostegno 20 timmar sedan
Petrol 20 timmar sedan
A J 20 timmar sedan
joke of a club
Franky Ma
Franky Ma 20 timmar sedan
Roma made 6 substitutions. What a joke.. 😂